Whirly Jig Price List

The Best!

Who Says?  Whirly Jig owners who have used other brands!

EFFECTIVE Jan. 1, 2018

Each Whirly Jig features free standing bases for stationary use, or the rotisserie can be made mobile with the installation of optional pipes and the standard 6" wheels or optional balloon tires. Two base ties form a full perimeter structure for maximum rigidity.  The brackets and their boxes are the strongest in the industry, so Whirly Jigs help load stay rigid. The other brands can't, they sag. The bases each, have a combination pick up point with your floor jack and receiver for optional tow bar.  Whirly Jigs have up to three spring loaded lock pins for rotation sprocket lock (40 position) and height safety.  A limiter/stop is engineered into every adjustment.  Whirly Jigs are the safest rotisseries on the market!  All units are deburred, washed and painted, lubricated and assembled for compact shipping and storage.  Complete instructions, a one-hour video and technical assistance (by phone) are standard with every Whirly Jig.  Our equipment has the highest resale value in the industry.  So don't make an expensive mistake.  Listen to those who know and buy the BEST FIRST!



body and frame brackets, 2 - 6", 1,200 lb. cap. wheels

capacity:  2,000 lbs.
weight:  320 lbs. with ram mounts



same, plus threaded balance adjusters, ram mounts, hydraulic cylinders, mobility accessory receivers

capacity:  3,000 lbs.
weight:  375 lbs.

body, frame and unibody brackets, 2 - 6", 1,200 lb. cap. wheels, threaded balance adjusters, captive slot  posts & bracket boxes, mobility accessory receivers.

capacity:  3,000 lbs.
weight:  335 lbs.                    
same, plus hydraulic cylinders

weight:  390 lbs.


body, frame and unibody brackets, 2 - 6" , 1,200 lb. cap., wheels, threaded balance adjusters, captive slot posts & bracket boxes, mobility accessory receivers & brackets, heavy bases w/ hydraulic receivers, grease fittings at heavy yoke axis, +8 position heavy rotation lock

capacity:  3,000 lbs.
weight:  400 lbs.


MODEL PRO PLUS same, plus 2-hydraulic cylinders, 2-ram piston extensions  +8 position safety combination lock

weight:  456 lbs.


Weights do not include the optional base tie pipes.  Pipe can be sourced locally.      Return to Home page