If you select Whirly Jig® as your auto body rotisserie of choice, it will come to you assembled, crated, painted, safety labeled, and carefully packaged.  If you order any or all of the many available accessories, they will fit into the same crate, and yes, the accessories will be painted and will have their own safety labels.


You have seen other brands swivel pneumatic casters.  Now here is ours.  Built with trailer spindles, tapered bearings, seals and capped.  This is an in-house product and turns and swivels very smoothly on all our 3,000 lb. capacity rotisseries.

Wagon type steering (as used by the Johnson City/Jonesborough rotisserie) is unacceptable as it exerts a twist action on the car body when you turn from side to side.  This may be ok for a child's toy wagon, but not for a rotisserie with a $20,000 to $100,000 or more car on it!  Remember how easily the toy wagon tips when you turn to the side?

In the foreground, bases of four rotisseries prepped for painting.  Background left, four rotisseries on assembly line.  Back right, two rotisseries, crated for shipment.  At the time this picture was taken, all units were sold!


Above, six units on assembly line and a random sample of our welds.  All parts are hand deburred, then spend 20 minutes in a vibratory tumbler with ceramic media, detergent and rust inhibitor.  Some of the parts return to the tumbler as a component for further cleaning and polishing, ready for painting. 

Because lead time varies from one week or less to eight weeks, we suggest you order early.  This is a quality product in high demand and our production capabilities can not always keep up.  No cost or risk to you for placing an order.

Whirly Jig® has twice the resale value of any other auto body rotisserie; therefore easily sold if you have only one project and are wondering if investing in the best auto body rotisserie is worth it.


You will be forever thankful you chose Whirly Jig®!

The leader in auto body rotisseries!


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