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For transporting Whirly Jig Rotisserie on a class III, 2" receiver hitch.



Body Frame Spacer Kit

For spacing body from the frame for a frame off restoration on the rotisserie.








                                                                  Short                                                                                                              Long

$50.00 and $70.00

Mount Stiffener Kit

For stiffening rear mounts of unibody cars.













For mounting body when sub-frame is removed.






For unibody convertibles, but will work on all body styles.















Off Pavement Kit

For on-premise use only, 3,000 lbs Capacity.




























Add to off pavement kit for 4-wheel system. 

You have seen other brands swivel pneumatic casters. Now here is ours. Built with trailer spindles, tapered bearings, seals and capped. This is an in-house product and turns and swivels very smoothly on all our 3,000 lb. capacity rotisseries.
Wagon type steering (as used by the Johnson City/Jonesborough rotisserie) is unacceptable as it exerts a twist action on the car body when you turn from side to side. This may be ok for a child's toy wagon, but not for a rotisserie with a $20,000 to $100,000 or more car on it!  Remember how easily the toy wagon tips when you turn to the side? 





Fixture Handling Kit

Caster legs to convert base into a handling fixture (portable work station).