Whirly Jig Company



The Whirly Jig® was first built in 1968 at Intercoastal Marine in Largo, Florida to rotate race boats.  Owner/racer Warren Emerson built the rotisserie to make hull modifications easier.  The 1970s brought a new interest to the Emerson family - classic muscle cars.  Buying mint original or finished cars was not in the budget, so restorations became a hobby.

Thirty years ago there were no auto rotisseries on the market.  To rotate cars, Warren Emerson had to modify the old design and in 1978 our present design was developed.  A move to Paris, Tennessee in 1986 transformed a hobby into a business and necessitated the construction of two more Whirly Jigs® for shop use.  Emerson Restoration® restored any brand and type of vehicle that a customer had,  using the design versatility of the Whirly Jig®.  We would also build Whirly Jigs® to order, and in 1992 we started keeping an inventory of the most advanced car, truck, body or frame rotisserie on the market.

Today we are the leader in value, and the benchmark in pricing.  Whirly Jig Company is the undisputed innovator in design, versatility and safety.  We hope you become one of the thousands of satisfied Whirly Jig® owners.

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