Dear Warren:

I left Paris, Tennessee in 1994 to assume the duties as editor of MUSTANG & FORD Magazine at Peterson Publishing Company.  As a car magazine editor, I'm always looking for tools of the trade that will help our readers carry out their car building projects.  I've seen what seems like dozens of car body rotisseries out there, but none have the engineering savvy and ease of use that the Whirly Jig has.  It is simply the best body handler that I have ever seen.

...We would like to demonstrate one of them in the magazine.  We have several car projects going on right now that would benefit from the Whirly Jig.  ...I would like to help you sell more of them.

When you have time, I would like to hear from you.  I hope that you are doing well.  Please take care.

Best Regards,
Jim Smart
Editor, MUSTANGS & FORDS magazine


"...easy to use and outstanding quality and engineering."

Mustang & Fords Magazine, February, 1998

"The perfect tool for detailing your under carriage."

Popular Hot Rodding,        
July, 1996

"How To Build A Body Rotor"

Super Chevy, April 1995

"Sorry, Wallace, we don't have plans for an inexpensive jig.  Drop the folks at Whirly Jig a line.  They have a couple models.  Either auto body rotisserie model is extremely adjustable and easily handles anything from a Camaro to a Caprice."

Super Chevy, Sept., 1999

"WE TRY IT...The Whirly Jig Rotisserie is designed to be used with both unibody cars like Mustangs, Camaros, Chevy II, and most Mopars as well as body on frame cars like Chevelles and other GM and Fords."

Car Craft, November 2000

"Full-scale restos just got easier with Whirly Jig's Better Body Handler."

Mustang & Fords, June 2000

"Our Whirly Jig is the best thing going in full-bore restorations."

Mustang Monthly, Oct. 1999





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