Testimonials and Comments From 
Actual Whirly Jig Customers


I've seen what seems like dozens of car body rotisseries out there, but none have the engineering savvy and ease of use that the Whirly Jig has.  It is simply the best body handler that I have ever seen.

Jim Smart

Of all the rotisseries that come into our shop, the Whirly Jigs are by far the easiest to use.  I can turn the car with one hand and when I let go - it stays.  The other brands are JUNK!

Jeremy Fehrenbach
Dynamic Performance Coating 
Inverness, FL

For two years I studied the different brands and asked around.  I found that Whirly Jig is the best design.

Staten Island, NY

In the shop where I worked, we had another brand (of auto rotisserie) and a home-made rotisserie.  We replaced them with two Whirly Jigs and cut up the others for liability reasons.  When I left to start my own shop, I got my own Whirly Jigs!

David Feezor
Paducah, KY



Mr. Emerson:

I recently purchased a Whirly Jig Pro from your company. I just wanted to let you know how satisfied I am with my purchase. I looked at several different brands of rotisseries that are on the market, and I feel that your product gives you more bang for the buck. While there are lots of cheaper models on the market, I feel that your Whirly Jig is without a doubt, the most well built and safest out there. I also like the fact that I can assemble and mount this to the vehicle using nothing more than a inch wrench; one tool to carry around instead of a dozen different sizes.

I cannot believe how much easier it is to work on the vehicle using the Whirly Jig. It will, without a doubt, pay for itself over a short time in labor costs alone. I wish I had purchased one years ago. It would have saved me hundreds of hours, not to mention the fact that my back and knees would be in better shape. No more laying on a creeper or bent over for hours at a time.

I have been restoring cars for over 25 years, and with the quality of this equipment, I know I’ll be using it for another 25 years. It is one of the best pieces of equipment I have purchased. Thank you very much.

Charlie Keller
Shelby, Ohio



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